Visual design

First step is the creation of the visual design. Our experienced design and engineering professionals combine the skills, creativity and practical knowledge to present you with realistic 3-D designs.

Visual design

Unique projects

The final design is tailor-made every time. During the design we take into account the budget, your requirements, permits and environmental variables. We strive for a high technical and visual quality with an optimal balance between maintenance and service life.

Unique projects

Other services



We are an extension of your marketing organization. Our consultants will work with you to translate your wishes and ideas into captivating, durable and interesting signage elements.



We combine the latest innovations in production technology with years of know-how manufacturing experience. This is how our professionals realize high-quality wayfinding and signage. Whethe...



MSI-Sign Group manages the entire installation process with the help of highly skilled teams. They have the knowledge and experience to place your signage in a safe and reliable manner and ...



Attractive and eye-popping signage is making businesses more visible and attracting to potential customers therefore periodic maintenance is important.